Puddle Chair

14 November 2017
Author: Vaishnavi Deo

Application: Furniture Design

The Puddle Chair, designed by Zaha Hadid Architects in collaboration with Aibuild, was presented at Meta-Utopia, ZHD Gallery, London, in 2017. This chair was designed specifically to be manufactured via free-form, multi-color (black & blue) robotic 3D printing. The sofa’s space frame is optimized for lightness, material robustness, and structural integrity. Its intricate design is layered like an artificial cloth, transforming it into a comfortable seating surface with a stimulating ripple surface texture.

Lattice structures in 3D printing enhance chair design by reducing weight, improving comfort, and adding aesthetic appeal. They can be tailored for different support levels, providing flexible and breathable seating that enhances comfort. They not only allow for the creation of complex shapes with minimal material waste but also are cost-effective and environmentally friendly.