New slicing modes with 9 examples

11 June 2024
Author: Berin Nur Kocabas

Introducing Slice 2.0, our latest software update, packed with new features to improve your slicing experience. We’ve added special modes tailored for different applications, making sure each one works seamlessly for its use case. Our smart settings now adjust automatically based on real printing tests, saving you time and effort for high quality prints while respecting the nozzle size. Plus, we’ve included new features like segmented printing and cladding to meet all the user needs. Furthermore, we’ve introduced informative cards for each mode, complete with diagrams, detailed explanations, and practical use cases to guide users towards optimal toolpath generation. This update also bolsters computational robustness, addressing bugs, adds requested features, and organises settings into categories for improved usability and enhancing the overall user experience.

The Path Forward

At Aibuild, we are committed to developing sophisticated engineering solutions for complex manufacturing challenges. We see automation as the path forward and, in line with this vision, have created nine different slicing modes tailored to various geometry types and use cases. This approach eliminates the need for users to devise their own printing strategies, as they can leverage our tailored slicing modes with optimised default values assigned by our engineers after rigorous physical testing. This significantly reduces the time required for planning the printing strategy and finding the optimal settings for different slicing approaches.

The “Vase” and “Segmented” modes are prime examples of our auto-slicing capabilities, requiring only the geometry input from the user and automatically determining the slicing directions that follow the geometry. To further enhance toolpath creation in the future, we will continue to develop auto-slicing capabilities for all possible cases and geometries.