Automated workflows

Our intelligent and award-winning AM platform Aibuild accelerates and automates the creation of even the most advanced, multi-axis toolpaths via a single, intuitive UI.

Simplify Toolpath Generation

Aibuild replaces manual coding with visual programming, to simplify toolpath generation. A library of built-in examples and templates help generating complex toolpaths within seconds.

Powerful Reporting and Analytics

The Aibuild platform is equipped with powerful reporting and analytics, to ensure that the entire 3D printing process is optimised and fully repeatable.

Deep Hardware Integration

Aibuild utilises deep hardware integration to stream manufacturing instructions directly to your machine and provide real-time control over the additive manufacturing process.

Automated Quality Control

Sensor fusion technology and AI algorithms analyse the real-time process data from your hardware, to send automatic notifications about production quality and to minimise waste.

Consistent. Repeatable. Predictable.

Successful adoption of industrial 3D printing as part of a manufacturing process is dependent on consistency, repeatability and predictability of outcome.
Fully automated toolpath generation for industrial additive manufacturing.
The entire 3D printing process – monitored, controlled, measured, and optimised.
All additive manufacturing components – hardware, software, materials – operate as a unified, integrated, intelligent, automated system.
Incorporates end-to-end automation, capturing knowledge and optimal build capacity in the workflow, reusable in subsequent builds.

First time right.

Aibuild accurately predicts the thermal behaviour of a wide range of materials that are physically characterized in our R&D lab. Automatic optimization of process parameters for each material streamlines production, ensuring perfect prints the first time.

ISO 27001 certified.
ITAR compliant.

The Aibuild platform is fully secure, cloud-based and offers the entire suite of tools we’ve built over the years to fully customise industrial 3D printing.

Fleet Management

Manage, control and monitor your organisation’s fleet of 3D printers, through securely encrypted protocols from any device. Multiple user groups can interact with machines in different locations for effortless collaboration and scalable production.

Automated Quality Control

With our sensor fusion technology and artificial intelligence algorithms, Aibuild analyses the real-time process data from your hardware to send automatic notifications about production quality. Maximising efficiency and productivity, while minimising waste.

Automatic Reports

Interactive reports for each of your production jobs include insights about production quality and large amounts of process data. Everything is recorded and accessible for full traceability through customisable dashboards and integrations into existing MES/ ERP systems.

Our London Ailab

Our Ailab AM engineers conduct material characterising, machine integrations and rigorous testing to ensure full automation and repeatable, successful outcomes. This rich data set is shared in our Knowledge Centre with clients and partners.

Developed and tested by AM experts.

We recognise the requirements to successfully scale industrial 3D printing globally. Aibuild is a result of eight years of intensive testing in our London Ailab, where we test all day every day, sharing experience and outcomes.

Material intelligence
built in.

We work hard with our material partners and hardware vendors to hard code material properties inside our Aibuild additive manufacturing platform. We automatically adjust toolpath generation for specific materials, from concrete to advanced polymers, to high-performance engineering alloys.

Fast, Reliable & Scalable

Successful 3D printing adoption as part of a manufacturing process is dependent on consistency, repeatability and predictability of outcome. Aibuild is designed to enable fast, efficient and predictable additive manufacturing.

Artificial Intelligence

Our AI-driven AM platform replaces manual coding with visual programming. We achieve repeatable success by ensuring all system components – hardware, software and materials – operate as a unified, integrated, intelligent automated system.

Reusable Workflows

Develop your own IP and reusable workflows within the Aibuild platform. Fully automate the additive manufacturing process from plan to print, radically improving speed, quality, scalability and application range.

Integrated Software, Hardware, Materials

Aibuild platform integrates deeply with your hardware of choice and ships with a comprehensive and growing materials library. Deep integration of software, hardware and material enables unparalleled levels of automation and predictability.