STEM 45° Chair

16 January 2019
Author: Vaishnavi Deo

Application: Furniture Design

In partnership with product researcher Assa Ashuach, Aibuild created the beautiful Stem 45° chair. Assa collaborated with material scientists at Kyoto institute of technology to analyse Bamboo at macromolecular level and by simulating it’s structure the STEM 45° Chair was produced using the development of an algorithm that digitally mimics the growing pattern of the phyllostachys breed of bamboo. Aibuild software was used to automatically analyse it’s angles and curvature, which we were then able to successfully print without the need for any structural supports.



Optimizing the design and robotic manufacturing, the software has managed to drastically save on material usage and energy consumption. The STEM 45° is made using rescued and recycled bio materials.
A product of this complexity in “regular” circumstances would take in excess of 48 hours to print. By comparison, AiBuild was able to print this amazing piece, first time, in 9 hours.