Print better parts in less time.

Aibuild ships with the world’s first AI assistant that can autonomously generate ready-to-print toolpaths for your unique requirements.

Say goodbye to guesswork with AI recommendations.

Aibuild is a data-driven platform that provides contextual recommendations to guide you through the entire AM workflows.

Close the loop by connecting your machines to Aibuild.

Following standard industrial protocols such as OPC-UA and MQTT, the same platform that generates your toolpaths, also monitors and controls your machines bringing all your manufacturing data in one place. We partner with leading hardware brands to enable seamless machine connectivity.

In-process monitoring and defect detection.

Our vision models are trained to detect common 3D printing problems that are visible to RGB or IR cameras in polymer extrusion and Laser Powder Bed Fusion systems. Automatic reporting and analytics reduce the need for human supervision and non destructive testing for certification purposes.

Smart thermal management for quality assurance.

Aibuild can accurately predict the thermal behavior of a wide range of materials that are physically characterized in our R&D lab. By comparing the simulation results to actual interlayer temperatures we provide unique insights into the quality of end products to accelerate process qualification and quality assurance.


Any questions?

Which AI features are included in the standard Aibuild subscriptions?

AI copilot (talk to AI), next operator recommendations and smart setting defaults are included in all subscription packages. Process monitoring and defect detection features are not included in standard tiers as they require specific hardware. For more information about integrating Aibuild in-process monitoring features into your hardware please contact us.

Is AI Copilot just a chat bot like ChatGPT?

Although we use the same state of the art Large Language Models that power OpenAIs ChatGPT, Aibuild Copilot is a lot more than a chat bot. It is built to understand your AM specific intent with only a few words and perform the actions that are that are required to meet your requirements as an autonomous agent. This ability to translate natural language into practical actions within Aibuild platform makes the software accessible to users with all levels of experience. We are making improvements to AI Copilot everyday to make it smarter and more helpful.

What hardware do I need for monitoring and defect detection?

In our lab we continuously test a wide range of cameras and sensors which are suitable for monitoring different types of AM processes and defects. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Can I buy cameras and sensors from Aibuild?

We don’t sell hardware however we collaborate with hardware manufacturers and integrators that we can recommend.

Can Aibuild help utilize my proprietary data to build AI models for my requirements?

Yes, we work with global enterprises to build custom models using their proprietary data. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.