We are accelerating industrial applications of large format additive manufacturing with automated workflows from design to finished product. Join us in bringing design and production teams together to redefine the limits of LFAM.

Mould Designer (beta)

Our advanced Mould Designer automates the creation of essential supporting structures for manufacturability, stiffness, and handling features like lifting holes, using just a few user-defined parameters. This innovation reduces the skill barrier for LFAM, delivering significant time, cost, and material savings, making AM tooling production more efficient and sustainable.

Texture Designer (beta)

Texture Designer allows you to add parametric 3D patterns on surfaces effortlessly. With just a few simple inputs, you can create intricate textures that enhance the aesthetics and functionality of your designs.

Adaptive Infill Designer (beta)

Create a wide range of infill geometries with Adaptive Infill Designer for parts with varying material density, tailored to your specific needs. This flexible tool is ideal for increasing the strength of critical parts while maintaining a lightweight overall geometry.