Testing Aibuild software

It is critical that Aibuild software creates toolpaths that work just as well in the real world as in simulation. The primary purpose of the Ailab is to bridge that gap between virtual and physical. This is done in 3 ways:

Quality assurance testing of new features

New features deployed to Aibuild that are considered high impact or high risk are physically tested on the machines in the Ailab before being made available to customers. These features are wide ranging, from a new slicing mode, to an optimisation in the collision detection algorithm.
  • Quality assurance
  • Features testing
  • New capability creation

Performance testing of existing features

It is an ongoing effort to ensure the result from Aibuild software is correct for all types of part geometries with all types of materials. Features are benchmarked on a wide range of part geometries to ensure the result is a high quality, defect-free printed part for even the most extreme of part geometries. This benchmarking highlights areas of improvement for our development teams to focus on.
  • Material characterisation
  • Structural tests
  • Data collection
  • Extensive Documentation

Experimental research

Quick proof-of-concept research projects are incredibly useful to guide the development of our platform. Some of these require physical test prints to be done, particularly those related to novel slicing approaches, and the Ailab offers the perfect test bed to rapidly innovate through fail-fast physical testing.
  • POC
  • Innovation
  • Hardware integration
  • Knowledge share

Driving forward LSAM technology & partner ecosystem

Aibuild software enables customers to get the most out of their hardware and materials, however getting these elements right is still critical to achieve ROI for a specific application. Ailab enables the Aibuild team to test a wide number of equipment and materials and gain an understanding of the best use cases and best operating practices for each of them. This hands-on knowledge enables our customer success team to best support our customers, not just to use Aibuild software well, but to demonstrate an ROI within their business. It also allows us to best advise prospective customers on the best equipment and material for their application and even come to see it in action.

Finally, Ailab provides a test bed for developing novel applications, sometimes to prove out the feasibility of a proposed application and create industry awareness of it, or more typically by working alongside an enterprise customer to make their specific application use case possible.