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Trusted by industry leaders globally.

The world’s most advanced software platform for Additive Manufacturing.

Deeply integrated with hardware and materials.

Aibuild is the easiest way to get started with industrial Additive Manufacturing technologies such as Polymer extrusion (filament / pellet), Metal DED (wire / powder), WAAM, Cold Spray, Concrete and Paste extrusion both on robotic and gantry systems.

Control the entire process from a single UI.

Aibuild enables a digital thread for AM teams to collaborate and scale their production across the organization. Your unique IP and data are always up to date and securely accessible by your team in real-time. No more reinventing the wheel through trial and error.

Fast, efficient, reliable Additive Manufacturing.

Our clients build successful toolpaths 86% quicker, with failed builds decreased by 65%, parts 3x stronger with over 90% efficiency gain in overall build times.

Easy to get started

We reimagined the entire manufacturing process to elevate your experience. With a library of examples and AI recommendations, getting started with AM has never been easier.

Unlimited flexibility

Aibuild’s unique open platform architecture and visual programming interface allows for the creation of even the most complex toolpaths with no limits.

Full automation

Every action you do on Aibuild is fully traceable and reusable. Simply define your manufacturing strategies once and generate ready-to-print toolpaths with one click.

Access from anywhere

No installations, no upgrades, no crashes, no saving files. With Aibuild your entire manufacturing workflows are securely accessible from any device and any location.

Knowledge sharing

We take pride in surrounding our users with access to information and support. Our AM experts and R&D lab act as the extension of your team throughout your journey with Aibuild.

Trusted in real-world applications.

Aibuild is the trusted software across manufacturing industries for a wide range of applications.

What our users say.

Partnerships that foster innovation.

Working with Aibuild is a lot more than having access to the world’s most advanced 3D printing software. Our team has successfully pioneered some of the biggest AM innovations in the last decade in close collaboration with our customers and partners.