Additive Manufacturing Software


What Ai Build Does

Fully automated toolpath generation for industrial additive manufacturing

The entire 3D printing process – monitored, controlled, measured and optimized.

Our goal is to enable Additive Manufacturing to scale and realize its global potential.

Through advanced automation, slow and error-prone manufacturing becomes fast, predictable and repeatable.

Increased 3D printing capability through one simple UI that manages even the most advanced toolpaths across all 3D printers in any location.

Design compromises due to 3D printing limitations?

Advanced, Segmented, Conformal, Spiral, 45 Degrees and Non-Planar toolpaths, with automated Adaptive Speed Control. 

Why AiSync?

Fast, Efficient, Predictable Additive Manufacturing

Our clients report AiSync™ building successful toolpaths 86% quicker, with failed builds decreased by 65%, parts 3x stronger and a 90% efficiency gain in overall build time.

Real World Applications

AiSync is trusted across many verticals including automotive, aerospace, marine, energy and construction. Below you can see some of the real world examples of how AiSync is used in manufacturing.

Building The Factory Of The Future, Sustainably.

Shorter supply chains, faster access to product, reduced carbon footprint.

AiSync is a cloud based platform allowing you to manufacture parts either locally or remotely.

With real-time connectivity, you can view, simulate, control and monitor machines in the next room, or next continent.

We have repurposed over 10 tones of recycled materials to date, reducing greenhouse gas emissions by approximately 70%.



Simple, Automated Efficiency.

AiSync accelerates and automates the creation of even the most advanced, multi-axis toolpaths via a single, intuitive UI.

Our intelligent AM platform replaces manual coding with visual programming, to completely simplify toolpath generation.

A digital twin provides full visual build simulation and collision avoidance. Also equipped with powerful reporting and analytics, the entire 3D printing process is optimized and fully repeatable.


AiSync PRO

Adding to AiSync capability, our AiSync PRO platform utilizes deep machine integration to stream manufacturing instructions directly to your machine and provide direct, real-time control over the entire additive manufacturing process.

AiSync PRO

Fleet Management

Manage, control and monitor your organization’s fleet of 3D printers through securely encrypted protocols from any device.

Multiple user groups can easily interact with multiple machines in different locations for effortless collaboration and scalable production.

AiSync PRO

Automated Quality Control

With our sensor fusion technology and AI algorithms, AiSync PRO analyzes the real time process data from your hardware to send automatic notifications about production quality and minimize waste.

AiSync PRO


AiSync PRO provides an interactive report for each of your production jobs including insights about production quality and large amounts of process data.

Everything is recorded and made accessible to your organization for full traceability through customizable dashboards and integrations into existing MES / ERP systems.

Robot and Gantry system simulation

Solved kinematics for ABB, KUKA, FANUC, STAUBLI, COMAU Robots and cartesian systems.

multi axis parametric toolpaths

Fully parametric reusable toolpaths, nonplanar, multiplanar, segmented slicing strategies.

Various 3d model supports

Supports typical design file formats (OBJ, STEP, STL, 3MF, GLTF).

Collision Detection

Collision detection specific to your hardware.


Real time monitoring and notification of your system sensors.

Error Detection

AI machine learning error detection through years of gathering data.


We recognize the requirements to successfully scale industrial 3D printing globally, which is why in our London AiLab, we test, all day every day, sharing experience and outcomes. This rich data set we share in our Knowledge Centre with our clients and partners. Our team of AM engineers conduct material characterizing, machine integrations and testing, the results are inputted into our additive manufacturing platform ensuring full automation and repeatable, successful outcomes.

Material Characterization

Polymers, Metals, Concrete

We’re working hard with our Material partners and Hardware vendors to hard code material properties inside our AiSync Platform.

From Advanced Polymers such as Dulthram, PEEK, ABS, RPETG, CarbonP to high performance engineering alloys such as Aluminium, Titanium and Nickel to automatically adjust the toolpath generation for the specific material properties.

AM Expertise – that is 100% our focus

Smart people, efficient processes, amazing technology. Ai Build is a technology partner, not a technology vendor, providing agile development not corporate inflexibility. We provide an open approach to our technology roadmap along with tested, robust technology and personalized onboarding and support.

Our Partners

Connecting, Collaborating & Innovating

We are building an AM community with the express intention of improving AM outcomes for clients and supporting partner growth. Our global partner network includes robotics systems, gantry systems, extruders, material partners and complete system vendors and our customer centric collaboration drives innovation symbiotically.

About Ai Build

AI Build is a fast-growing London based Software-as-a-Service company, that is disrupting the Additive Manufacturing industry on a global scale. Our clients are tier 1 companies operating in the Aerospace, Automotive, Construction, Marine and Energy verticals. Our unique software enables them to fully automate the additive manufacturing process from plan to print, radically improving speed, quality, scalability, and application range, across the entire enterprise. We integrate and partner with a growing network of hardware manufacturers, and we are backed by first class investors.

Meet the Founders

Ai Build is founded by Daghan Cam (CEO) and Michail Desyllas (COO) in 2015.
Daghan and Michail met as architects whilst leading major projects for Zaha Hadid, where they utilised their deep experience in geometric problem solving.

The also enjoy a common passion for Additive Manufacturing, which combined with their geometric expertise led to the conclusion that there was a significant AM capability gap.
For large format AM to truly scale, “trial and error” manual process, long build time and failed build rates needed to be addressed.

Advanced automation and a data driven approach would be the key to broadening application range and operational efficiency, making AM mainstream in the factory of the future.

AiBuild was founded out of that experience and perspective. AiSync, our AM software platform is built to deliver just that, at enterprise scale.
With a growing network of clients and partners around the globe, Ai Build continues innovating rapidly to bring the founders bold vision for autonomous additive factories of the future into life.