Driving Innovation Together: A Promising Additive Future with WASP and Aibuild

24 June 2024
Author: Aimee-May Graham

Introducing CEREBRO.

WASP CEREBRO is not just another 3D printing system; it’s a transformative technology that converts all robotic arms into 3D printers. 

This state-of-the-art system aligns perfectly with Industry 4.0 standards, offering seamless collaboration with various WASP systems. By controlling both extruders and printing tools simultaneously, CEREBRO provides enhanced automation and efficiency

Seamless Integration with Aibuild.

The integration of CEREBRO with Aibuild software showcases the full compatibility of the two systems. This integration unlocks endless possibilities for utilising all of WASP’s extrusion systems, including both pellet and ceramic extruders. A representative from WASP praised the collaboration, highlighting the excellent coordination between our teams to achieve this seamless technological fusion.

“The implementation of CEREBRO on Aibuild software has been successfully completed, demonstrating the full compatibility of the two systems and unlocking endless possibilities for utilising all of WASP's extrusion systems, including both pellet and ceramic extruders. The collaboration with Aibuild proceeded with great coordination between the two teams, who worked together to seamlessly complete the integration of both technologies.”
WASP commented

Arche 3D's Pioneering Use.

Arche 3D is set to be the first user to experience the full potential of WASP CEREBRO controlled with Aibuild software. Their expertise in “traditional” structured 3D printing, combined with their new foray into 6-axis technology, positions them perfectly to leverage the benefits of this powerful partnership. As they adapt to using their robotic arm with the ease and practicality provided by CEREBRO and the Aibuild interface, Tag Arche 3D is poised to achieve new heights in their 3D printing endeavours.

"This collaboration on the use of a robotic arm for 3D printing is important for us. We have a long and consolidated knowledge of 'traditional' structured 3D printing thanks to the intense and fruitful work done in recent years with WASP. As novices to 6-axis technology, the challenge is to be able to use our robotic arm with ease and practicality and we are convinced that with the usefulness of CEREBRO and the Aibuild interface we will succeed,"
Arche 3D commented.

An Additive Future.

We are excited to see the future unfold with this powerful partnership with WASP. The integration of CEREBRO into our platform not only enhances our technological capabilities but also paves the way for unprecedented advancements in the 3D printing industry. As we continue to innovate and collaborate, we look forward to unlocking new possibilities and driving the industry forward towards an additive future.

About WASP:

WASP – World’s Advanced Saving Project is a company born in 2012 in Massa Lombarda (Ravenna- Italy) that designs, produces and sells 3D printers Made in Italy all over the world. The wide range of WASP 3D printers has been developed to answer human needs: food, housing, health, energy, work, art and culture. Inspired by the Potter Wasp, which builds its own nest with material recovered from the surrounding environment, WASP was born with the aim of developing large-scale 3D printers, to build houses with natural materials and available on the territory. The main company target is to provide effective benefits to humans through technological innovation and research. In response to global housing challenges, amplified by the expected increase in population and climate change, WASP sees 3D printing and digitization as a concrete solution. The benefits of 3D construction are several, with the main strength lying in the digitization of the process itself. Digital building production allows for the easy and fast transfer of experience and knowledge accumulated during the research phase through digital files. Once these files are uploaded to the 3D printer, the project is generated and can be replicated infinitely, anywhere in the world, especially in regions with different productive capacities from those of the Western world. This approach enables the global dissemination of construction solutions, overcoming geographical limitations and expanding access to more sustainable construction methods. In addition to the architectural field, WASP is a producer and leader in the field of medium/large-scale ceramic and plastic 3D printing, with a wide range of products spanning various technologies, from filament and pellet extrusion systems to those for clay and fluid-dense materials. The theme of sustainability permeates every aspect of WASP’s technology research and development. The family of industrial HDP (High-Definition Pellet) printers is an example of this, distinguishing itself for its ability to print directly from large granules of recycled plastic, contributing to the creation of a circular system of collection, recycling, and rebirth of plastic waste material.