What’s new in Aibuild 2.0

16 June 2024

Your hub for manufacturing, Aibuild 2.0

Entering the world of additive manufacturing can be a daunting task. Iterating between CAD, slicer, Gcode, hardware, materials, settings can be a challenge even for the additive expert. Overcoming this barrier takes blood, sweat and tears (sometimes literally!).

"Lessons learned must be shared to help newcomers to get started. The barrier must be lower to make robotic AM and LFAM more accessible and easier."
Jack Sandiford
Product Manager / Aibuild

Aibuild 2.0 is a hub for this knowledge. We’ve re-imagined the software from the ground-up and baked everything we’ve learned in the past nine years into its core. Now, you can do the same. Our access-anywhere platform is being enriched everyday by contributions from the community, our partner ecosystem and the latest features from the lab. This is robotic additive manufacturing, made easy.


Brand new interface for effortless 3D printing


Get started with our example workflows


Take your slicing to the next level with our new tutorials


Add new printers from the hardware library


Upload your own extruders, robots and more


New slicing modes for cladding, walls and branching parts


Smart defaults from real material testing and input from our partners


Evaluate changes quickly with single-operator-compute


Be production-ready with backwards compatibility


Light and dark mode

Brand new interface to simplify robotic 3D printing: You shouldn’t need a master’s degree to use engineering software. Aibuild 2.0 is user-friendly and easy-to-use from the get-go.

Get started with examples: Berin in our lab has prepared an example for each slicing mode to help you get started. See how our AM engineers use the tool in the lab to print parts.

New tutorials and videos: We’ve prepared a collection of new videos to walk you through using the new interface, its modes and use cases. You can go to the Knowledge Center via the Home page.

Find your printer in the hardware library: New for 2.0, add as many printers as you like. Select machines, robots, extruders, tools, beds and more from a library of components. Getting started has never been easier. Upload your own printer: Making your own extruder? It’s not available in the library? Upload your own. Customise your machine settings, add custom logic to your postprocessor and toggle program settings for Gcode, Kuka, ABB and more.

We’ve partnered with major brands to bring you robots, gantries, extruders for FGF, DED, WAAM and more. Leverage our partner network to make the most of additive.

Find the best slicer for your part: Certain parts require certain slicing modes. Combat overhangs, complex structures and problems with the world’s best multi-axis slicing algorithms, tried and tested in our lab.

Brand new slicing modes: The new CLADDING mode, SEGMENTED mode, and SOLID WALL mode have been added alongside multi-planar, non-planar, vase, radial and more.

Process parameters don’t need to be difficult: ’Smart defaults’ will pre-load your workflow with the optimum values based on our latest materials testing, printing tests and recommended settings for your printer, hardware and selected material.

Workflow editor can now compute individual operators: Assess how a different process parameter will affect your print quickly without computing the whole workflow. When you’re ready, hit ‘Compute All’ to see the robot simulation carry out the toolpath you’ve made.

Backwards compatible: New for 2.0, your toolpaths aren’t affected by new updates. You have the choice to upgrade your workflow or continue using the current version. A toolpath made in 2024 and be edited and re-computed in 2034. This is the power of choice with the freedom of the cloud.

Access from anywhere (yes, anywhere!): Take your workflows, printers and parts on the go. Our software can be accessed instantly on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, including tablets and more

Why Aibuild?

With a connected product lifecycle, data is more easily shared and traceable between teams, keeping them synced with each other. Why waste time with trial-and-error prints and studying optimum parameters when you can have that data at your fingertips?

Build a recipe: Package your process into a recipe that can be used time-and-again. Hide settings that should remain fixed, and expose settings such as layer height, wall thickness and input file.

No install, no patches – no hassle: Get the latest updates from our lab without the hassle of installing a new update. Enjoy new materials, printers and examples as soon as they’re available.

Connect materials, hardware, software: Bring your printers, hardware, files and processes under one roof. Switch between materials, printers and files to assess cost, weight and print time.

e.g. Your material is sagging at high temperatures? Try another material, run Thermal Simulation, adapt printing speed to optimise cooling and time to your liking.

Leverage the best of additive in Aibuild 2.0, your manufacturing hub for AM.