A true digital twin of your hardware

We integrate closely with hardware partners, supplying a fully editable simulation of their system in Aibuild, and an editable post processor to ensure the output is in the specific language the hardware uses.

Robots and gantry systems

  • KUKA
  • ABB

Ailab is global hub of partner network

Our industrial 3D printing experts conduct hardware and materials testing and characterisation for partners. The Aibuild platform is powered by the know-how and results from our London office, accelerating additive manufacturing development.

Partner activities

  • Know how
  • Material characterisation
  • Proof of concepts
  • Research and development
Press with Weber additive

Research and Development

We work in collaboration with our partners to develop the next generation of hardware and software, sharing ideas and engineering support to push the boundaries of LFAM

Supported technologies

  • FFF / FGF
  • DED
  • WAAM
  • Cold spray
  • Concrete printing
  • Paste extrusion


At our Ailab we conduct tests on materials, characterising high performance polymers and print designs for proof of concepts.

Material types

  • Polymers (filament and pellet)
  • Metals (wire and powder)
  • Resins
  • Concrete
  • Ceramic
  • PU

Become a member of the world’s leading additive manufacturing community. Collaborate to improve industrial 3D printing outcomes for your customer and to realise your hardware’s global potential.

Partner support

We have invested in dedicated sales, technical and customer support teams based in EU and North America to support our Partners both pre and post sale. This is underpinned by our global marketing team, the combined aim of which is to provide peer to peer support throughout your customers lifecycle. Can provide support across time zones based on the needs of your business.


Deep integration is the key to system performance and we have an extensive machine library covering 3 axis, 5 axis, 6 axis, external axis, gantry, delta and robotic machines, across metal, polymer, resin and concrete applications. Integration can be delivered via a simple self service interface or as a managed service.


Opportunity creation is the bedrock of business growth and Aibuild is well placed to support your growth aspirations. We currently enjoy a growing list of 16,000 LinkedIn followers and 30,000 Instagram followers and can collaborate with you around marketing initiatives that would be of interest to this audience. We also attend major regional events in EU, North America and APAC regions and often work closely with partners on how we can help their attendance ROI.

Software quality

Aibuild was awarded “Best AM Software” by TCT, we are ISO27001 certified and SOC2, FedRAMP and ITAR compliant. Our software is tested in our Ailab, as well as by our customers and Partners, who consistently report that our software capability and output quality is industry leading.

Lab Facility

We have our own lab facility located in London (Ailab) where we test everything, all day every day. This acts as a partner collaboration hub, where hardware and software is tested with real-world applications as part of an integrated solution. The results of that testing has significant value to our clients and partners, with output informing bilateral development initiatives, a shared knowledge base and published content. We can bring hardware to our site, integrate on request and explore opportunities.

Product Range

Aibuild Software is perfectly suited to all end users and applications, regardless of user experience. We have four product variants; Starter, Professional, Advanced and Enterprise, all accessible via a simple to use UI. We can meet your customers needs regardless of hardware and user capability throughout their AM journey, and our products will support your own growth aspirations.


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How do I become a partner?

Please feel free to contact us via the button bellow and provide us with some background on your business and we’ll set up a call to chat through our collective business objectives and alignment. We’ll also show you a demo, explain the integration process and discuss how we can support mutual business growth.

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How do we work with sales?

We have a number of sales models available depending on your needs. We will help you identify how Aibuild will benefit your business and potentially add value to new and existing customers.

How do we support you and your customers?

After completing integration of your machines, we will provide access to our software and give training tailored to your needs and applications. We have a customisable Knowledge Centre which can host training and content specifically for your customers as well as a support team capable of providing support and training to you and your customers.

How do we integrate your machines into Aibuild?

We have self service capabilities allowing you to upload CAD models for your machines and deploy numerous post processor configurations. In addition to this you have the ability to edit certain functions of the post processor within Aibuild. Our integrations team is able to support if you have unique post processing requirements.

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What would qualify me to be a partner?

Our ideal partners are existing hardware manufacturers, system integrators, hardware resellers or materials manufacturers with an established reputation, looking to collaborate and expand on the capabilities they wish to offer to their clients through the use of our software. However, if you are establishing a new business or building new hardware with strong potential we would love to explore possibilities with you.

What do I get out of becoming a partner?

Our aim is to add value to your business and accelerate your growth. We commonly share marketing initiatives through our strong social media presence and trade shows, enhancing the capability of your hardware with our software, knowledge sharing through access to our AM experts. In our Ailab we often test our partners hardware with our software on real world applications, ensuring we can build a strong collective business case and have an integrated software/hardware system ready to demonstrate and deploy for your customers.

Let’s talk

Contact us below to discuss how a potential partnership could work.