RapidFusion tct 3SIXTY 2024

4 June 2024
Author: Vaishnavi Deo

Rapid Fusion at tct 3SIXTY 2024

The Rapid Fusion PE-320 Pellet Extruder is a versatile and powerful tool designed for industrial – grade 3D printing. It offers high -performance capabilities and can be seamlessly integrated into CNC machines and robots unlocking a new dimension of possibilities. With its advanced features and precise temperature control this extruder allows for efficient extrusion of a wide range of materials, including abrasive ones like carbon fibre. It combines power, precision, and versatility making it an excellent choice for upgrading and expanding capabilities on robot or CNC setup.

Unleash High-Temperature Printing

The extruder can reach temperatures up to 450°C, allowing you to work with a wide range of high-temperature materials.

Powerful Motor, Seamless Performance

Equipped with a robust Schneider motor, the motor provides Peak stall torque of 10.2 Nm and 8000 rpm speed, with a 1:25 Wittenstein German made gear box

Precision Temperature Control

The extruder has four heating zones that enables precise temperature control, enabling optimal printing conditions for different materials.

Versatility Meets Compatibility

It is designed to handle abrasive materials like carbon fibre, providing versatility in material options. Additionally, it can be used to upgrade a CNC machine or Robot to a 3D printer expanding the possibilities of your existing setup

Plug – and – Play Convenience

The extruder can be seamlessly integrated into your current setup or used as a standalone pellet extruder.