Puddle Chair

Project Type: Furniture

London, November 2016


Design: Patrik Schumacher, Zaha Hadid Architects

The Puddle Chair is a prototype sofa that combines parametric design tools with the latest technology in free-form robotic 3D printing. The result of collaboration between ZHD and Ai Build, this unique piece is proof of the potential and possibilities that innovative 3D printing technologies have when parented with parametric design means.


The sofa’s lightweight space frame is optimized for material robustness and structural integrity, and its intricate design is layered with an artificial cloth to transform it into a comfortable seating surface. The surface’s ripples are an integral part of the design. They were created through surface mutations, while a custom multi-material 3D printing technique was used to enhance their geometrical clarity. The ripples take inspiration from the natural world, resembling the ripples created in liquids.


When the user seats, they provide a unique feeling of comfort by gently massaging the body, triggering relaxation and enhancing a sensation of well-being.


The Puddle Chair was presented by Zaha Hadid Gallery as part of the Meta Utopia Exhibition, curated by Lei Zheng.


Photos: Mirren Rosie

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