Autonomous Large Scale 3D Printing


We are on a mission to enable factories of the future with Artificial Intelligence. A future where Manufacturing is easy, smart, sustainable and affordable.

Ai Build's Autonomous Large Scale 3D Printing Technology is now available.

AiMakerCompletely customisable and packed with a number of features for enabling and automating large-scale 3D printing




Every innovation we make is a step towards turning factories into intelligent machines that are operated by themselves. Machines that are not only automated but also autonomous. Discover AiMaker, the high precision robotic end-effector that converts digital design files into physical products by extruding a wide range of thermoplastic materials.




A manufacturing process can only be as efficient, reliable and responsive as it is programmed to be. We coupled AiMaker with AiSync, a cloud application that completely redefines the limits of productivity.  AiSync makes management of the entire manufacturing pipeline easy and smart.

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